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Crucial Recommendations on Disaster Readiness

Everyone has probably suffered a natural catastrophe which include a fire, a hurricane, earthquake or flood in the past. A good number if not all of these disasters result in the great loss of properties and lives. Persons or families who don't do anything...

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Working With Young Children On Crisis Management

September 11, 2001 caught America unprepared. It staggered our nation. And it made us more aware of the effects of violence and threats of violence on adults as well as children. We have known that effects of natural disasters traumatize both children...

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8.9 on the Richter Scale: Japan hit by history-making earthquake

Death, missing individuals and important injuries are the theme of the day for March 11th 2011; the eastern coast of Japan has been struck by one of the biggest seismic quake of history. The earthquake, measured at a mind-blowing 8.9 on the Richter scale,...

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